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Considering buying a rental property? Managing your new endeavor correctly not only avoids the rental nightmares we have all heard about, but also ensures that you obtain the very best price for your property.

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30+ Years Experience

We have a solid track record for managing an extensive portfolio of properties for over three decades. Our team is known for a commitment to top service and best outcomes.


Property Management

Property evaluation

Our team will coordinate a meeting to view your unit to evaluate rent values based on
the type of property and market conditions.

Advertising properties for rent

We take professional photos of your unit and advertise it on all relevant rental sites to
ensure your property gets maximum exposure.

Screening tenants

We will screen potential tenants by conducting thorough interviews as well as requesting references and credit checks.

Preparing rental agreements

Our team prepares thorough and clear rental agreements to make sure your tenants
understand their responsibilities.

Collecting rent

We ensure that rent collection is seamless for both parties, and that rental income is
deposited on time.

Service and maintenance work

Our team partners with skilled professionals to ensure that repairs and maintenance are
completed with minimal disruptions for tenants.

Enforcing lease terms/managing complaints

We will address any issues or complaints that affect your tenants, strata or other stakeholders in a clear and transparent manner.

Managing turnovers

In case of turnovers, our team will ensure that the process will go smoothly and
potential issues are addressed to the satisfaction of all involved.

Providing financial statements/invoices

Our team will prepare and present any invoices, financial statements or other
paperwork you may require for your files.

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RE/MAX Commercial Advantage | Elevate Realty are sibling franchises, our agents collaborate to help our clients achieve their goals whether they are commercial or residential.

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